Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If we are delayed by heavy traffic on the way home, will we need to pay extra?
A:  No, you won't need to pay extra. Together we'll plan your day in advance, and agree a time to depart from your final destination. So long as we depart from the final destination by the agreed time, you won't be charged any extra.

Q:  When planning our trip, how can we find out the travelling time between locations?
A:  Take a look at the Plan Your Trip page, where you can see the approximate driving times between some of the most popular destinations from London. For other destinations, websites such as have excellent route planners which can give you an approximation of the travelling time. However, bear in mind that the timings given can sometimes be a little optimistic.

Q: Additional hours - how do these work?
A: If you'd like a tour lasting more than ten hours (or more than five hours in the case of a half-day tour), simply request the number of hours you'd like when you make your reservation. The additional hours are charged at the rate specified in the Prices page. For example, a tour to Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath typically takes 12 hours, and so when you make your reservation, you can request a 12-hour tour. Alternatively, you may request additional hours at any point during your tour, although in this case, additional hours cannot necessarily be guaranteed.

Q:  Is there any mileage charge?
A:  No. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. The quoted price includes unlimited mileage.

Q:  Are there any other taxes or parking fees to pay - what about the London Congestion Zone Charge?
A:  No, there are no other taxes, road tolls or parking fees to pay. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Q: Is it possible to book for more than one day, and spend the night away from London?
A: Yes, but there will be an additional charge for the driver's overnight expenses, as specified in the Prices page.

Q: Is it possible to start or finish our tour at an airport or cruise terminal?
A:  Yes, subject to there being sufficient room in the vehicle for your luggage, and subject to the additional charges for airports in the Prices page. Please get in touch for a quotation for a tour starting or finishing at a cruise terminal.

Q:  What vehicle do you use?
A:  I use a Seat Alhambra. It’s very similar to a Volkswagen Sharan. In the UK we call this type of vehicle a ‘people carrier’, or MPV. It seats 7 adults, with two seats at the front, three individual seats in the middle and two individual seats at the rear. It’s a reasonably large, high-up vehicle affording good views from the windows. My passengers frequently comment on the comfort and space of the vehicle. When taking clients to or from airports or cruise terminals, I usually remove the rear two seats – this allows plenty of space for luggage.

Q:  Do you provide transfers between the airport and our hotel in London?
A:  I don’t normally provide airport transfers. However, if you'd like to start and/or finish your tour at an airport, this can be arranged.

Q: Do you provide one-way trips, for example, from London to our hotel in Bath, with some sightseeing on the way?
A:  Please ask for a quotation.